Stories In Stripes


The inspiration of this series came to me while I was committed myself to a serious self-practice in the course of a month one year ago. As routine is not my favorite thing, finding the drive to practice yoga and meditation daily and rigorously has been a challenge through the years. It became more interesting when I decided to add the creative element, or little I knew that it was called ‘channeling’’.


Waking up early, I would start my day with an asana and a meditation practice, followed by a drawing session. Line after line, after line, my pen would go ways into my notebook and I would let it happen. The shapes then became objects and slowly I gave them meanings. I happily realized there were stories, my stories from my past


Later on, when bringing the lines into canvas, it became even closer and more intimate. It was like a revelation to see the connection even clearer.


As someone beautifully mentioned these stories represent “my soul dancing out of the prison of rules”.


I like to share my artwork with you. You might be able to discover your own meanings through the lines, through the shapes of my work. Enjoy!


1. Flirt  – A story about how my parents met and fell in love with each other.


2. Union - There seems to be a balance and symmetry when the feminine and the masculine come together and procreate in a love story setting. I like to believe this is where I came from.


3. Birth – One of the most special moments between my mother and I, the way I remember it.


4. Family Dynamics – A family has its own style of coexistence and looks a certain way from the outside. Sometimes, the strengths and roles are reversed and that’s what keeps it balanced and together.


5. Alone –  Being alone can be a moment of emptiness or fulfillment. I like sharing. I choose togetherness.


6. Fitting in – When we stop trying to fit into someone else’s world, we free ourselves to create our own world.


7. Searching  – When you feel trapped and you know that this is not it, that there is a long way to yourself. You begin to search and that is when your real journey starts.


8. Pulse – Life always sends you pulses when you chance upon things you resonate with. You can ignore them for a long time, but eventually they will call on you to take action.


9. One – A story of two souls meeting in the right place at the right time, feeling as one.


10. The journey – When you are true to yourself and on the right path things start to flow and life unfolds in beautiful ways.


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