Your World


They say I am a good listener! As much as I enjoy telling my personal stories through my work, I also do love listening to other people’s stories and blend them into my paintings. There is a great joy in living their stories once again through shapes and colors. I am thankful for being able to be part of them.


I am working at the moment with two concepts and I invite you to take a look below and see what resonates with you. Looking forward to listening to your stories and stepping into your world!


The Happy Canvas


We tend to get stuck into stories that don’t make us happy and go in circles in our heads. Why not obsessing about things that makes us happy and put a smile on our face whenever we think of them or visualize them?


You will take me into your world and describe to me all those happy places, people, moments, stories and feelings. I will then use those elements to create your happy canvas and you will be part of the process and the layers the entire time. I will let you witness the blend of the colors and your happy feelings related to all those things that make your cells alive.


This way you will have the chance to live and celebrate them over and over again, each time you will be looking at your canvas.


Contact me for more details.




Being alone can be a moment of emptiness or fulfillment. I like sharing, I choose togetherness.


I am drawn towards love stories, the passionate ones, the ones that make your heart beat fast and laugh in the same time. I dream of the ideal romantic relationship, of sharing with the other the best and the worst, of having our souls naked in front of each other at any given moment, of growing old together. I believe those stories exist.


If all this sounds familiar, I would love to hear your story. What makes your story special, how does your heart feel when you think of the other, when you are together, what makes your relationship strong and lasting, what makes it still exciting?


I will give color and shape to those special feelings you have for each other so you can appreciate them even more, or reinforce them whenever you might forget being grateful for having found each other.


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