My Story

From Bali, With Love


I was born in 1977 and it has been a full on journey ever since!


I am an only child. Most people think an only child is spoiled, but my parents, both teachers, instilled in me a love for team sports and my greatest joy in life is sharing and helping others.


I grew up in Romania and studied Economics and a business career was inevitable.  My heart has always received signals from the artist inside,  but the moment was never right or never safe to fully leap into the artist world.  Apart from playing with making my own clothes when I was in high school and fixing my mom’s jewelry, most of my creativity stayed tucked away in my dreams, never seeing the sunlight.


Following love, I moved to Amsterdam, where I continued my career in business operations for a large commercial brand in the fashion industry. I soon realized this wasn’t how I wanted to spend my life. I needed more meaning and depth in my life.

I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart. - Vincent van Gogh

After 10 years in Amsterdam working in the corporate world, I took a sabbatical to explore the magic countries of the south-east Asia. I fell in love with Bali, where I became involved in several art projects. I finally was doing something that spoke to my heart.


I live in Bali at the moment where I paint, dance, make handcrafted jewelry and explore the possibilities of making recycled art.


My “job” is to keep myself and the people around me happy, by creating and sharing beauty, exploring and celebrating nature and its amazing colors.


Welcome to my world!

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