My Love Affair With Jewelry

My love story with jewelry started when I was a teenager. I used be in love with my mom’s jewelry collection and believe me, it wasn’t a small one.

From gold and precious stones to thread and plastic, from fancy and glamorous to casual and sporty, she had them all, in many colors.

She was one of the most elegant woman in the city, so that required some maintenance. My dad quite enjoyed that status.

When something got broken, I would fix it and would find great pleasure in investing time and patience in the process. I would get creative, as quite often a long necklace would be transformed into a shorter one, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. En voila, another set to the big collection.

Matching jewelry and colors is an Eastern European thing. It’s just the way it works. It is still hard for me sometimes to disregard matching my shoes with my bag. But my time in Amsterdam relaxed my stance on matching rules and luckily,  flip flops kind of go with everything here in Bali.

When I visit my parents in Romania, my mom and I have a special ritual. She would show me the new additions to her jewelry collection and how they match with the old ones. I always take a peek at the oldies too, as usually one or two would catch my attention and I would take them with me. She would do the same with some of my jewelry and we would call this an exchange.

My father would come in the room, after a couple of hours, with the same line, “Don’t worry dear Oana, they will all be yours one day”. I can’t say I am looking forward to that day, as I would love to see my mom wearing them for another hundred years. She is the best!

I dedicate all my jewelry work to her as she and her love and care for them has been and is my inspiration.

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