Less Waste, More Beauty


My love story with jewelry started when I was a teenager. I used to be in love with my mom’s jewelry collection, which believe me, it wasn’t a small one. From gold and precious stones to thread and plastic, from fancy and glamorous to casual and sporty, she had them all, in many colors.


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After I settled in Bali I wanted to create my own concept and work with precious metals, gemstones and their healing properties.


I soon realized the market was full of similar products and I needed an extra ingredient to create something meaningful, at least for myself.


I realized I wanted to use my hands and make the jewelry myself, I wanted them to be unique and fun. It all started taking shape when I first walked into a glass bead shop where they were also selling beads made out of recycled glass.

I loved the thought of the possible story carried in such a small bead. What was it before, where did it come from?

When I choose my beads I go first for the color, as I believe our life is boring without them. The colors I use are intense, alive and catchy. I also like making unusual color combinations, not easy for everyone to wear, but for sure easy for everyone to notice.

I never have in mind from before what I want the collection to look like. I just purchase my materials and challenge myself to use them in the most harmonious way and always make a one-of-a-kind piece.

I recently started using left over materials, such as silk and batik, which I purchase from local tailors. I select, wash and cut them so that I can obtain a considerable amount of useable pieces. I also try to throw away as little as possible. Less waste, more beauty!

Silk and Recycled Glass Beads 1
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Silk and Recycled Glass Beads 2
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I usually create 20-25 pieces per collection depending on time, creative flow and materials. I am interested in presenting my jewelry in places which can connect with my concept, little boutiques or handicraft outlets.


If you like my work and are brave enough to let yourself  surprised by my unique collections, get in touch with me here…


I hope you will enjoy my collections with their vivid and alive combination as much as I do and will find the piece that suits you best. If so, remember it was made especially for you, as you too, are one-of-a-kind!