Vision board 2

Envisioning 2015

When I was a teen I used to spend hours dreaming about my life. There is something magical about daydreaming. I still do it, but for a more reasonable amount of time. I am busier these days.

I guess we do a lot of daydreaming through our life, focusing on different things, from love life to professional life and other areas. The question is more how do we bring them into reality, how do we make them happen?

I am an action person. I like to put things on paper and make a plan, break down the big picture into little ones and see what is actually possible in reality and then act on them, make it happen. But when it comes to dreams I like to visualize them first. There are tons of books out there on visualization, but to make it simple I go with a vision board.

It’s the beginning of a new year, so I am sure the resolutions topic has been around these days. What if we call them 2015 Visions or 2015 Dreams?

I have done a vision board two years ago and I came across it again this year. All of it has become reality, even if a bit later. The point is it does work!

All I have done was cut out of magazines images and words, which spoke to me the most and put them together. It’s very interesting how they become stories connected with my dreams. The subconscious mind is doing it’s job I guess.

And this way I feel I am one step closer to your dreams.