A dream come true. My first exhibition

There are exactly two months today since my first art exhibition and here I am, finally writing about it.  Ah what a day that was!

It’s hard to describe the feelings I’ve been through during that time. I promised myself that night I would write about it first thing in the morning, while everything was still fresh in my mind and my heart, while the smile was still on my face. Obviously that didn’t happen, but the good news is I can still taste the sweetness of that day, like it was yesterday.

It feels like magic when you have a big dream and you finally see it happening. I believe we are actually the magicians and the power is in our hands to make it happen. The question is do we want it bad enough, do we believe in it? If yes, then it’s just a matter of focusing and putting the right energy into it. And off we go…

I expected to not sleep the night before, but surprisingly enough I did. It was actually one of the best sleeps I had in a long time. I somehow felt at ease and knew there was no turning back. I worked hard for it, so bring it on, let it flow. I remember waking up in the morning with a big smile on my face that day. I lingered in bed for a while, letting my imagination take over and see it all happening in front of my eyes, just like in a play.

And then the reality stroke, when I found out that the arrangements in the gallery space were not possible till the very last moment, two hours before the event. Yes, this is Bali and things work differently here. I found myself stressing out about the timing and then I paused, and I remembered that even though things work differently here, they do work out in the end somehow.

Things can work out the way we want them or they can just work their own way out. We can choose to control and have it our way, or we can choose to let them happen organically. Which one is better, which one is best? I’ve been playing lately with the second perspective so I can test my own limits on flowing with life. I’ve learned that Bali has its way of letting good and bad coexist together, as a natural way of balancing. Control is an illusion after all. And so all preparations worked out great and in time for the opening.

Yes, I was nervous about the way my work would be received, but it was more about sharing my stories, rather than looking for validation. Somehow the pressure was less. I knew those who will come have been looking forward to sharing this event with me, rather than judging my work. All I had to do was show up, welcome them into my world and have fun. And that was exciting, not scary at all.

The real magic happened when people told me they could see my stories, they could read them through my paintings and moreover they could relate to them. They told me they feel my paintings, in other words, they could see me. We all want to be seen and understood; I am very grateful for that to have happened. At the end of the day you can only be seen if you let you true self come out, if you share your own stories.

I got shivers when hearing someone describing to me feelings I’ve experienced myself while creating some of the pieces, which I have never expressed to anyone. Connecting from artist to artist, or simply from soul to soul? One is enough to see one, I guess.

But none of this would have been such an amazing experience without my friends around the world and my Bali family, who believed, trusted and helped tremendously with everything they could so I could have my day. “Today is your day”, someone said in anticipation, and so it was indeed.

I’m grateful for all those who were there with me, even if some just in thought. It meant the world to me! Nothing means anything unless you have someone to share it with. I truly believe that.

“Soul dancing out of the prison of rules”, a friend wrote in my notebook after the evening. What a beautiful way to be seen.

And then when I turned the lights down and I closed the doors of the gallery the scary part happened. Now what? What’s next?

It took me two months to pick up the pen and start drawing after the exhibition. My lines are curvier now, they flow as I let them unfold in front of my eyes. Still not sure where it’s going, but I am taking my time. It will all come.

New beginnings are always around the corner, just waiting for us to grab them and take off. Don’t rush into one if you feel more time is needed. But when you are ready, dive like a dolphin, fly like and eagle and laugh like a child. Put your whole heart into it.

Let the new adventure make you feel alive!